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Email marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Experience unified marketing with omnichannel engagement, real-time analytics, a personalization engine, and a CDP all in one platform.
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  • WebEngage's AI analyzes email content and provides real-time spam alerts to help optimize your content, avoid spam filters and maximize deliverability.
  • Craft emails that come to life with real-time data updates, interactive forms, and user actions seamlessly embedded within the email body..

Tell Us About Your Project

Deliver pertinent messages and individualize each email by incorporating your users’ particulars, preferences, and actions.

Unrivalled Levels of Service

Use our intelligent predictions to tighten your targeting strategy, strengthen customer relationships, and drive repeat sales.

Marketing Stratergy

Send the right message at the right time to convert more customers.Never miss an opportunity to connect with people.

Template Designing

Campaign Manager lets you manage  your multichannel marketing efforts, like email and SMS.

Tracking & Reporting

Many email clients, such as Outlook and Gmail, offer read receipt options that allow you to request a notification when the recipient opens your email.

Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of marketing activities and efforts designed to achieve specific business goals.

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